Sex and AIDS education for adolescents

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    H. Schaalma, G. Kok, D. Braeken, M. Schopman, F. Deven
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This article elaborates on the assumed quality of sex and AIDS education for adolescents mainly in The Netherlands. Some examples of the Dutch mass media campaigns on AIDS and programs on sex and AIDS at secondary schools are presented, and the impact of some of these activities is discussed. It is concluded that, although The Netherlands are regarded as an outstanding example in the field of sex education, systematic research on sex and AIDS education is still in its infancy. Little is known of the impact of the mass media activities. The impact of education on sex and AIDS at secondary schools seems to be limited to an improvementy of knowledge and, at best, minor changes in some attitudes. It is argued that, in order to produce behavioural changes, education programs on sex and AIDS should include cognitive and behavioural skill training addressed to interpersonal problem solving, planning and assertive communication. Besides, it is argued that the development of future programs and campaigns with regard to sex and AIDS education should be thoroughly planned and evaluated. None of the existing Dutch programs on sex and AIDS meets this necessity. Finally some comments and suggestions are addressed to the issues of cooperation between researchers and practitioners, and implementation and feasibility of health educational interventions, among which education on sex and AIDS.

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