Social sexological research

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    E. Ketting, Th. Sandfort, F. Deven
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During the past 25 years a considerable number of studies in the field of social sexology have been done in the Low Countries. Initially, research was focused on problems resulting from a restrictive sexual morality. During the 1970s attention shifted to the rapid process of sexual liberalization and its practical consequences, such as the need for family planning education and services. The past decade of social sexological research was largely dominated by two issues: sexual abuse and the spread of STD, including AIDS. As most of these studies have been published in the Dutch language only, they have not sufficiently added up to the international body of knowledge. This is regrettable, because, particularly The Netherlands is now characterized by an open and permissive attitude regarding sexuality, which gives it quite a unique position in the world, not just in terms of attitudes and behaviour, but also in terms of research possibilities. For that reason, international comparative and collaborative research including the Low Countries should be stimulated in the future.

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