And how about sex?

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    Ellen Laan
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Physical and psychological conditions and their treatment can substantially affect sexual functioning. That is why it is important that health care professionals address sexual issues in their…
Modern male contraceptive methods like the ‘male pill’ or Vasalgel could be a welcome addition to the current offer of contraceptive methods, because they offer men more…
This text is a reflection on four sources of information on dyspareunia and vaginismus. A tv-documentary My fucking problem was followed by a forum discussion, led by…

A survey on the sexual double standard among Dutch youth

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    Peggy M.J. Emmerink, Ine Vanwesenbeeck, Regina J.J.M. van den Eijnden, Jacques J.D.M. van Lankveld, Tom F.M. Ter Bogt
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The sexual double standard (SDS) is a pattern of divergent expectations concerning sexuality that dictates sexual restraint for women and girls, whereas it dictates sexual prowess for…