Ellen Laan and the World Research Network on the Sexuality of Women and Girls an untold story

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    Leonore Tiefer
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The last time I saw Ellen Laan, my beloved friend and feminist comrade in sexology, it was May, 2019, and she was in my hometown of New York to participate in a WAS (World Association for Sexual Health) “Expert Consultation on Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Health.” We had been close friends for almost 30 years. It rained the night we met for dinner, as we talked and talked and drank margaritas. She was very busy with her Dutch clinical work, research, publica- tions, advocacy, and new sexual wellness foundation, www.seksueelwelzijn.nl, and said she wouldn’t have taken time out except the subject of sexual pleasure was so important and she wanted to make sure what- ever document emerged from this consultation was good for women. Good for women.That was Ellen.

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