Attitudes of Dutch citizens towards male victims of sexual coercion by a female perpetrator

  • Auteur Anneloes Huitema, Ine Vanwesenbeeck
  • Pdf openbaar No

This vignette study examines the differences in Dutch people’s attitudes towards sexual coercion perpetrated by a male against a female versus sexual coercion perpetrated by a female against a male. In total, 583 Dutch citizens (16-86 years, 59.7% female) evaluated a control scenario and three sexually coercive scenarios (verbal coercion, purposeful intoxication and physical force), in which the sex of perpetrator and victim was purposely varied. The variables studied include: (1) scenario acceptability, (2) victim responsibility, (3) perpetrator responsibility, (4) victim pleasure, (5) victim distress and (6) support for filing a police report. The results implicate that sexual coercion of men is taken less seriously than sexual coercion of women, especially among Dutch male evaluators. However, most differences between attitudes towards male and female victims were found only in the physical force scenario. The findings highlight the importance of educational programs to raise awareness and reduce stereotypical views on male sexual victimisation.

Gepubliceerd in 2017, Volume 41, Issue 1