What happened to sex therapy after Masters and Johnson? Developments in sexual health care

  • Auteur Jacques van Lankveld, Moniek ter Kuile
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In this paper, we reviewed the developments in sexual health care over the last decades. We looked at what happened to sex therapy in group treatment format after Masters and Johnson introduced sex therapy in 1970, taking into account the format of treatment delivery as well as the theoretical background of this type of sexual help. Has anything changed? We started our essay with the suggestion of the editor of the Tijdschrift voor Seksuologie to review three articles on group therapy for sexual dysfunction that were published before 1990. We reflected on these publications and posed ourselves the following questions: What were the positions of the authors at that time, and where is the field at this point? Were their predictions sustainable? What happened to their
findings, their recommendations or their points of view? In addition to the group approach, we included developments in other formats of sexual health care. Finally, we attempted to project our findings on future theory and clinical practice.

Gepubliceerd in 2016, Volume 40, Issue 3