Heterosexual Sex and Heteronormativity: Qualitative Sociological Research into Sexual Interactions of Male-Female Couples

  • Auteur Myra Bosman
  • Pdf openbaar No

How do women and men experience sexuality? How do male-female couples shape and give meaning to sex in their relationship? These research questions are part of my sociological PhD research. As part of this research, I will interview approximately 25 male-female couples twice together and once individually. This article aims to present the research design and interview methods that are used, thereby taking the negotiation of social norms between partners as its central focus of analysis. These processes of negotiation between partners are facilitated by assignments during the interviews, such as a card game and the description of physical interactions. This article does not contain any conclusions, but does provide examples of the interview methods used.

Gepubliceerd in 2016, Volume 40, Issue 2