A gap in the market of sex education

  • Auteur Yuri Ohlrichs, Erika Frans
  • Pdf openbaar Yes

In 1983 the sociologist Dick de Groot concluded that a gap existed between the need for sex education in the (adult) audience, and what non governmental organizations in the Netherlands and Flanders did offer. This article is a reflection on the developments in sexuality education since then. New themes like prevention of HIV, legalization of abortion, the fight against sexual abuse and the use of mass media asked for new forms of sex education. Also the sex education landscape has changed significantly because of increasing religious and cultural and sexual diversity in society. While the focus in the eighties was on safe sex, - partly out of necessity because of HIV prevention – , non governmental organizations on sex education nowadays pursue 'sexual pleasure' or 'sexual wellbeing’. It seems as if this was the necessary change in these organizations that De Groot especially asked for.

Gepubliceerd in 2016, Volume 40, Issue 3