Sexual experiences of men with an autism spectrum disorders

  • Auteur Salvatore Vitale, Elsbeth Meij, Richard Vuijk
  • Pdf openbaar No

Studies examining how sexuality is experienced among adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are limited. This study compares how sexuality is experienced by men with ASD with normal intellectual capacities, with a control group consisting of neurotypical developing men, using self-report questionnaires. Results show that both groups report similar sexual values concerning sexual pleasures, sexual relations before marriage and sexual socialisation of children and acceptance of similar psychosexual stimulation. Both groups differ in sexual motivation; men with ASD report less sexual motivation, they also are less attracted to their partner and/or (the concept of ) marriage. In conclusion, this study shows that men with ASD experience more sexual difficulties in comparison to neurotypical men. Therefore, this topic requires specific attention from (mental) health care professionals.

Gepubliceerd in 2017, Volume 41, Issue 1